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Milk&Dairy - The European Dairy Quality is a promotional campaign supported by the European Union to improve the knowledge and reputation of European dairy products, especially those made from high quality milk, as products marked by high organoleptic and nutritional quality, tracked and guaranteed in terms of food safety. The target countries of the campaign are: China, South Korea, Libya and New Zealand. The campaign takes 3 years, from May 2017 to April 2020.


The Audience are mothers and food lovers that look for high-quality products and particularly sensitive to the nutritional quality and safety of food.

The communication messages.

Products attribute of European milk & dairy products, especially in terms of quality, flavour, diversity and tradition;

Food safety and high quality production thanks to the dairy farming methods characterized by the selection of the producers, cows fed using natural means, the control of all the phases of process form feeding of milking in the barns to the final products to guarantee traceability and nutritional aspects.

Promotional Tools.

In order to reach the end consumer, the campaign intend to involve with marketing activities the media, the distribution channel and the healthcare workers.

The main tools are: tasting promotional day, trade shows, cooking shows, event sponsorship, workshop, promotional materials and social media.

Granlatte Company.

The Proposing organization of Milk&Dairy promotion program is GRANLATTE, the largest association of milk producers in Italy and together with GRANAROLO GROUP represent the most important Italian milk production chain based on an integrated system of production. Granlatte company operates in the agricultural sector responsible for milk collection, and Granarolo S.p.A., a limited company, processes and markets the final product through 18 production sites located all over Italy. GRANLATTE e Granarolo Group follows all the phases of process to guarantee quality-centric production: from the production of the raw materials to the distribution of the final products to the point of sales. Since 1957, Granarolo Group has always focused on quality and this soon led to the achievement of an exclusive product, namely “latte Alta Qualità’’ (High Quality Milk).